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Ibdaa, the Association of Arab Plastic Artists, is a non-profit association that was established as a result of the special circumstances in the Arab community in the country, and as a result of the need to frame Arab artists within one body, bearing in mind that the subject itself is a tributary of the Arab civilized society.
The association was established in 1994, and was the result of ideas and dialogues that took place over the years between a number of Arab artists, journalists and poets. The idea was launched from the Municipal Cultural Club in Kafr Yasif, and it grew as a result of the interest of these intellectuals in the Arab community and its cultural and creative standing. This society in the country possesses an abundant supply of Arab artists and creators, many of whom are famous locally and internationally, and they represent their society in many local and international exhibitions and forums. Plastic art is considered a heritage of all humanity, and arises as a representative of the social, cultural and historical backgrounds of each artist.

Ibdaa Association has prioritized the development of visual art in the Arab community, by holding art exhibitions and creative workshops in appropriate museums and galleries.
Ibdaa Association has taken it upon itself to provide assistance and contribute to the rehabilitation and educational preparation of the public, to familiarize themselves with and accept the plastic arts, over the historical eras, in relation to the general atmosphere of the public.

Ibdaa is interested in discovering student talents and works to motivate them and refine their talents, and to take care of the subject of teaching arts in schools as it befits.
Ibdaa Association is open to constructive dialogue and joint action with institutions and individuals, inside and outside the Arab community, at the local and international levels, and sees the plastic arts as a meeting place for civilizations and peoples, because art is a common language among peoples at the level of humanity as a whole.

Ibdaa Association is aware of the responsibility and burdens placed upon it to serve the arts voluntarily, and this is evidenced by the sacrifices of its members who watch over the interest of the association, its development and prosperity.
All this for the sake of a civilized Arab society, for the sake of high humanity, and for the sake of building the educated person.

At the founding ceremony, words of congratulations and welcome were given to the idea of creativity, especially what the artist Abd Abdi said:
“Between the announcement of creativity, a link to develop and support fine arts in the Arab community, and the stations on the creative path for our Arab masses, there is a delicate thread, silver of soul and suffering. Its beginnings were in the sixties, when signs of artistic cultural activity appeared with the graduation of the first Arab academic who studied at the College of Fine Arts in Jerusalem, the late artist Ibrahim Ibrahim and the artist Ibrahim Hijazi. Far away Japan, and through those years, the artist Abed Abdi traveled to Germany to study art. In the following years, artists Zaher Zaidani, Khalil Rayan, Suad Nasr, Therese Azzam, Asad Izzy, Daoud Hayek, Ibrahim Nubani, Ahmed Kanaan and many others applied to academic studies. They are considered the first generation of artists whose creativity was distinguished, and what they looked forward to were the attempts to frame the artistic and young forces within an artistic association, but they failed due to objective circumstances. And we were left unorganised.”
He went on to say: "And here we are today in our meeting culminating in a tireless activity in light of the interests in the Arab community of some concerned with the plastic arts, so the dream of the past has become a reality in better conditions than yesterday."
He continued his speech, saying: "Here is creativity standing before you, opening its arms to every creator in painting, sculpture and ceramics, to every creator who accepts its constitution and adopts its proposals and goals that are in line with the progress of human civilization while preserving flashes of the human heritage of our people."

The artist Abdi added: "Our openness to the civilization and culture of other peoples does not mean that we abandon our original civilization. Rather, it is an attempt to draw from human civilizations alongside ours and integrate into a universal, human and comprehensive civilization."
Various media outlets have published the event of the establishment of "Ibdaa", such as the Al-Ittihad newspaper in its issue issued on 23.11.1994, where the poet Kamal Melhem published his impressions from the artists' exhibition in the gallery on the day of the celebration of the founding of Ibdaa: "Between the sweet word and the wonderful melody, and blessed words, encouragement and support And the appearance of color and harmonious line in enchanting harmony, through artworks that flirt with the senses, conscience and mind, the Artists Exhibition opened. It is time for the viewers of our exhibition, who are many in recent times, to connect with the creative work, and to listen to their observations, impressions and conscious questions. We are in dire need of enlightened art critics with a level of artistic awareness sufficient to evaluate creative work and educate the public by publishing objective critical articles.”


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