Artist Aki Munir kazmouz opens his photo exhibition (Ghoroub) in Kfaryasif creativity hall


At the invitation of the Ibdaa Association, a photo exhibition entitled "Sunset" was opened on Saturday, April 26, 2014 by the artist, Alaki Munir Qazmouz, under the auspices of Mr. Awni Touma, head of the Kafriasif local council.
The hall of the Fine Artists Association was filled with Kifriasif's creativity, after the audience wandered to see the bright and expressive exhibition.
The celebration was opened by Mr. Abdul Khaleq Asadi, a member of the Ibdaa Association, who we are accustomed to, his distinguished appearance and his wonderful performance at the opening of exhibitions, where he welcomed the attendees and thanked them for their participation in this special day and congratulated the artist Munir Qazmouz with his wonderful exhibition.

Dr. Mounir Touma elaborated in his speech on the exhibition the most beautiful words through which he expressed the artist's creativity and fine art, distinguished in its quality and the difficulty of choosing the wonderful theme of the sunset, which will be followed by the sunrise and the rebirth of a new life.

Painter Walid Qashash spoke about the beauty and distinctive photographic technique of the artist Munir Qazmouz, who accompanied his work between drawing, graphic design, photography and his mastery of art as a hereditary result of an artistic family.
The artist, Munir Qazmouz, in his talk about the multiplicity of arts in his exhibitions and the distinction of the art of photography, where the artist held several exhibitions, the last of which was “White in Black Stone” “Asmaa” and others. The production of the Sunset Gallery took ten years to foster this beautiful work.
Artist Alya Mounir Qazmouz participated in dozens of solo and group exhibitions, and he continues to innovate to this day.

It should be noted here that the creativity association “Kfriasif Fine Artists Association” has held more than forty exhibitions in painting and sculpture on rocks in all regions of the country, and its last exhibition was in Paris.