Ibdaa Association unveils a huge and wonderful mural in Al-Maqased Hospital in Jerusalem


Art has a special flavor and aromatic aroma that only those with delicate sense and high taste can taste, the Ibdaa Association on Wednesday 12/6/2019 inaugurated a huge and wonderful mural in Al-Makassed Hospital in Jerusalem. This mural was made by the artist Lechia Matani, a member of the Ibdaa Association, in a wonderful festive atmosphere in the presence of: Dr. Bassam Abu Leda, director of the Makassed Hospital in Jerusalem, Dr. Izz Al-Din Hussain, Medical Director of the hospital, Mr. Suleiman Al-Turkman, Administrative Director, Dr. Suhail Miari, Project Coordinator, Dr. Samia Al-Kurd, responsible for the HMOs and coordinator of hospital affairs and responsible for implementing the mural. Also, Miss Lubna Zuabi, Director of the Arabic Culture Department at the Ministry of Culture and Sports, Mr. George Touma, President of the Ibdaa Association, Mr. Shawky Khoury, a member of the Ibdaa Department, Mr. Ahmed Matani, a member of the Ibdaa Department, the artist Salam Diab, a member of the technical committee of the Ibdaa Association, and the artist Likhia Matani Also a member of the Technical Committee in the Ibdaa Association. Where they were received the most beautiful reception and the best welcome. This wonderful mural and painting that the artist Lechia Mattani drew with high technology and craftsmanship was inaugurated, in the presence of a large number of doctors and workers in the hospital, as it amazed everyone who saw it and won the admiration of everyone who visited and intended the hospital greatly. It is a donation from the Ibdaa Association to the Makassed Hospital in Jerusalem. At the end of the ceremony, a shield was presented to the Ibdaa Association, to Miss Lubna Zoabi and to the artist, Lechia Matani, in appreciation of their efforts and efforts to raise the status of art and culture in society. Report: Nadera Shehadeh, secretary of the Ibdaa Association